About Us

Sri Abhay Patil presented his inspirational thoughts on launching of a Global Happiness Campaign through the, `My Childhood Days Worldwide` on the 2nd Sunday of February every Year.

"In my three decades of social and political career, life has been a race against time, rushing mechanically through the world for material gains seeking an uncertain goal, but driven by an ideal. We live in times, where our knowledge of the world is immense but understanding of neighbors is limited, we are masters of technology but slaves of greed and experts on national affairs but ignorant about family needs.

As individuals and as a nation, we are increasingly getting disconnected with our own History, Heritage, Family and Our true self. One normal day, after forcing myself out of bed, I rushed through the morning chores with mechanical precision. The feed of news, views and manufactured information in the media left a bitter taste and having gulped them down with tea, I set out for another day and another destination.

As I began to examine a bunch of files, the ghazal on car radio distracted my thought process and I began to realize the burden of professional responsibilities and personal aspirations. As the car zoomed forward, my mind started a journey backwards towards my Childhood, guided by the melodious,

'Yeh daulat bhi le lo, yeh shourat bhi le lo, bhale cheen lo mujhse meri jawani, magar mujko lautado bachpan ka saawan, wohh kaagaz ke kashti, woh baarish ka paani..'

An overwhelmingly nostalgic emotion carried me to my childhood, a life and event, where every day brought immense joy and happiness in the form of every people, place and objects that you came across.

I recalled all that experience which had made me what I am today, all that is immense, but immeasurable. We humans are a bundle of experience, and as we evolve into adults, the bundle of joyous experience of childhood changes into a needy, practical and self centered experience and along the way, we lose our Happy Self.

The childhood filled with care of grandparents and the affectionate control of parents; the fellowship of siblings and the favor of relatives; the love of friends and the fear of teachers; the fun in the school and the flow of the river; the fair in the temple and the fight in the play ground, still clear and vivid, with a mere glimpse into the golden past bringing a shine to our eyes and sun shine to our life.

A Child is Innocent, Imaginative and knows no Failure.

Let our Childhood be an inspiration to us. Recall the days of playing Gilli, Lagori, Marbles to even cricket and football all in the Galli without a worry about traffic/ people, the visit to the touring talkies, sharing a peppermint, teasing friends and (even their father) with nicknames, Pintya, Santya, Gotya, Tingya, Giddya, and the like, running in the field, Swimming in the Well, Stealing from the trees, racing in a rented a bicycle, etc. etc.

We have moved on in life and away from the traditional place and living. But, every memory is a treasure, a source of hope and happiness in this materialistic and mechanical life.

So, let's recreate the joy of life by reliving our childhood. Come, let's visit the place where we grew up, learnt to be Happy, Healthy, Humble and Humans. Let's walk in the woods; visit the school; Meet the teacher; connect with the friends and exchange the photos; call the old names and go for a swim; ride a cycle and climb the tree; be whatever you wish to be.

In these times of Dynamic change and growth, we invite you for a journey to your childhood to cherish all that is good about life and us. Come, Let's begin the global celebration of, 'Back to My Childhood day' on the 1st Sunday of every year because there can be no better celebration than feeling the freedom of Innocence and Joy. Release yourself from the burden of the routine. Relive. Refresh and Recharge, and Be YOU.

Because the World needs a Happier You and You need a Happier World."